Fall Break 2014 - Florida Vacation

Back in 2011, the Nyce and Rothe families cobbled together an impromptu Fall Break trip to Destin, Florida. Miraculously, by the end of it, everyone remained friends – a sign that it would be safe enough to try again. The 2014 school calendar showed an entire week for Fall Break, so the trip planners went to work. It's this writer's opinion that Fall Break is an ideal time to visit Florida. The crowds are non-existent, there are no lines at restaurants, discounts and deals abound, yet the temps and Gulf waters are still relatively warm, at least to this northerner.

I don't have much additional narrative about this trip, just photos. In a few of them, an eerie light was cast by a (partial) solar eclipse – which was a lot of fun to shoot in. We enjoyed hanging at the beach, around town, and generally doing a lot of nothing. It's this last bit that was especially refreshing. We had a great time with a great family! Somehow we ended up with a couple of hermit crabs on the return trip. Sadly, one didn't make it back to Indiana. The other however, is still alive and well.

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Rhoda N.
Awesome job - as usual! I'm looking to make Destin an annual thing, or close to it!!

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