How I connect with Soccer

Soccer is Awesome! Well at least I think it is. My name is Greta and I play for Zionsville:D

The Facts

Soccer is a sport played in many country's.

In most country's soccer is known as futball. In the united states it is known as Soccer though.

In a soccer match of the pro's each team has 11 players on the field. This is known as 11v11.

Since there are 11 people on the field those people have certain positions.

These positions are forward which is the player who attacks the whole game.

There is midfield which attacks and helps with defense. Midfield plays in the middle of the field.

There is defense which defends the goal and stops the other team from scoring on goal.

The last position is the goalie. The goalie is the only person who can use there hands. The goalie is the one who can save the goal from being scored on.

On certain conditions the other players can use there hands.

In a game there are 3 referees the referees keep the game going.

A soccer or futball game is around 90 minutes long.